Seagate ST3500413AS 500GB SATA |

Seagate ST3500413AS 500GB SATA


Marca:  Seagate

Modelo:  ST3500413AS

Fecha de Fabricación:  12104

Número de Serie:  S2A0M2LK

Lugar de Fabricación:  China

Factor de Forma:  HDD 3.5"

Conexión:  SATA

Capacidad:  500

Estado del Disco:  Usado pero OK

Datos del PCB (o Placa Lógica)

PCB Nº  100535704 REV C

PCB Sticker:  5701 AG



De Frente  seagate-ST3500413AS

De Dorso  seagate-ST3500413AS

Del PCB  seagate-ST3500413AS


S.M.A.R.T & Informe  
Tipo: HDD 3.5"
Marca: Seagate
Modelo: ST3500413AS
Nº de Serie: S2A0M2LK
Capacidad: 500 GB

Model : ST3500413AS
Serial : S2A0M2LK
Firmware : JC45
Capacity : 500 GB (976 773 168)

HDD family detecting...

Family ID: 3F
Selected family......................... : 3F, Pharaoh
Model by ID............................. : ST3500413AS

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F3 T>
New Skews Pharaoh 0U with VTPI,RAP16,Common Code 4,6gig
Product FamilyId: 3F, MemberId: 05
HDA SN: S2A0M2LK, RPM: 7201, Wedges: 120, Heads: 2, Lbas: 00003A386030, PreampType: 59 21
PCBA SN: 0000M207XLNL, Controller: YETIST_3_*/4_0(64A1)(3-12-4-1), Channel: AGERE_COPPERHEAD_LITE, PowerAsic: MCKINLEY DESKTOP LITE Rev 94, BufferBytes: 1000000
Package Version: PH0U2D.CCD4.JM0A9Y.JC45 , Package P/N: 100665941, Package Builder ID: P9,
Package Build Date: 03/17/2011, Package Build Time: 11:11:41, Package CFW Version: PH0U.CCD4.00337603.P900,
Package SFW1 Version: D289, Package SFW2 Version: ----, Package SFW3 Version: ----, Package SFW4 Version: ----
Controller FW Rev: 03171111, CustomerRel: JC45, Changelist: 00337603, ProdType: PH0U.CCD4, Date: 03/17/2011, Time: 111141, UserId: 00410638
Servo FW Rev: D289
RAP FW Implementation Key: 10, Format Rev: 0001, Contents Rev: A1 0A 1B 03
- Quadradic Equation AFH enabled
- VBAR with adjustable zone boundaries enabled
- Volume Based Sparing enabled
- IOEDC enabled
- IOECC enabled
- DERP Read Retries enabled
- LTTC-UDR2 disabled